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A Guide to Workplace Attire

A Guide to Workplace Attire

To promote the upcoming OLC Career Chat on Workplace Wardrobe in October 2013 I wrote and published a series of articles on workplace wardrobes.


Who. What. Why. The Keys to Your Elevator Pitch

Who. What. Why. The Keys to Your Elevator Pitch

This was originally posted to the OLC as part of an initiative to produce more content to help students better prepare for career fairs.


SFU Mo Bros Support Men’s Health

A promotional piece to support the SFU Men’s Hockey Movember campaign.

SFU Mo Bros Support Men’s Health

The SFU Men’s Hockey Team wanted to get in on some Movember action this year, so three brave players agreed to grow out a ‘stache for the month – all in the name of raising awareness and funds for men’s health programs.

This years participants are rookies Jesse Williamson and Pavlo Zerebecky and second-year player, Kale Wild.

All three are Movember vets, with a few years experience under their belts. They offered up some advice to their fellow Mo Bros. “Just have fun with it,” advised Wild. “Get creative. I’ve been seeing people attempt the “monkey tail” moustache lately which is pretty funny.”

Williamson had a different approach to making sure you sport an impressive mo, “Just For Men hair dye is cheating. But it’s not cheating if you don’t get caught… Right?” Zerebecky meanwhile was short on the advice, “it’s impossible to give tips when your facial comes in with the same consistency as a child.”

Of course, it’s important to keep the goal in mind as well. “Try to actually raise money,” said Wild. “Raising awareness is one thing. But raising money is the ultimate goal.”

The boys all agreed that raising cash and awareness is a great reason to participate, but not the only one. “It is fun to experiment with different moustaches,” said Wild. “It gives you a very good excuse to grow an often funny looking moustache while raising awareness for men’s health.” For Williamson on the other hand? “A great excuse to be lazy.” Of course, a successful Movember campaign requires a healthy dose of competition.

So what do the guys think of the team’s mustache growing outlook? “I think we have a pretty weak crop of mo bros this year,” said Wild. “With the loss of moustache officiando Tadz Brown I think we are going to have to fill that void by committee. I think [Nick] Sandor has the potential to do something special this year. He has been growing out some pretty grizzly facial hair for a while which leaves him with many options. However it must be noted any success he achieves this year will have an asterisks due to his head start.”

Williamson focused his assessment on the three participants, singling Zerebecky out for having the least impressive ‘stache by months end. An assessment Zerebecky couldn’t deny.

To support SFU Hockey’s Movember campaign you can donate through our team page. Stayed tuned for updates on the progress, or come see for yourself at our next home game on November 23rd in Bill Copeland Arena where SFU looks to defend their 5-0 record against TRU.


Hoot Hoot Hooray! HootSuite for Clubs and Associations

Hoot Hoot Hooray! HootSuite for Clubs and Associations

My first blog post with the HootSuite campus ambassador program, detailing how students can use HootSuite to help run social media campaign for school clubs and teams.