Let's see where this goes.

As I watched the minutes tick down last night my heart broke a little, I haven’t been suffering for 40 years like some fans, I can’t say I’ve followed the team all that close for more than 5 years, but I’ve grown to love the team and the players on it. Not just for their hockey skills, but because these guys are genuinely great people.

I wanted them to win, I really thought that until last night they deserved to win, it would have been a magical story after 40 years.

Yet, I know that however much this city wanted a Cup, those boys on the ice wanted it more. Anyone could see it in their faces after the game.  They played through pain and in the face of critics, because that is what it takes to win a Cup. They came so close to greatness before letting it slip through their fingers.

Go Canucks!

So hearing supposed fans turn on their team so quickly makes me so sad. Anyone can cheer when their team is winning, but keeping the faith when you know the odds are against you takes real dedication.

I want everyone to remember that these boys gave us an amazing nine months. This was the best season this city has seen in 40 years, and I’d like to thank the team for that; it has been an amazing few months.

When you guys come back in October, just do your best, and I’ll be back doing my best to cheer you on, and I know the city will be too.


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